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The Top End, by bike and by boat

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  • 8th Jan. - 16th Jan. 2018
  • 3rd Mar. - 11th Mar. 2018

As the name of this tour suggests we cover the top half of Oman which undoubtedly offer’s the greatest opportunity to see and experience exactly what Oman is all about!

At the very top of the Sultanate of Oman is the Musandam Peninsula, sometimes referred to as the ‘Fjords of Arabia’. It is characterised by immense rolling hills of rock and grand mountains. It is a harsh environment, yet beautiful where traditional Omani fishing villages are nestled into the few inlets and coves that permit them habitation.

More information: The Top End, by bike and by boat



Custom Motorcycle Tours in Oman

If after reading Who we are and the tours we offer don’t quite fit in with what you’re after, whether that be because of a certain timeframe, price or itinerary, we can and are very willing to sit and talk with you about building a Custom Tour to your criteria.

Being a small family run business we have this flexibility and are more than happy to help you achieve what you want out of your trip to Oman.

More information: Custom Motorcycle Tours in Oman 

Hajar Highlights

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If this is your first to visit Oman, what better way to see and experience the sheer grandeur Oman has to offer by exploring the Hajar Mountains.

Some of the best riding is to be had traversing the Wadi’s, Mountains & Desert and this tour does just that and more! 

More information: Hajar Highlights

Lat.16° 40’ N - Lat.26° 20’ N

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  • 18th Jan. - 28th Jan. 2018

If you know your Lat’s from your Long’s you’ll soon see this trip covers the lot!

We start by touring the Musandam Peninsula and then slowly but surely traverse Oman from North to South ending in Salalah. We stop in Muscat for 2 nights to appreciate what a truly unique city it is before visiting Wadi Bani Khalid, Jebel Shams, Wahiba Sands, Masirah Island and lot’s more.

More information: Lat. 160 40’ N - Lat. 260 20’ N

NEW! Salalah + The Empty Quarter

NEW TRIP >> Starting in January 2018 we will start tours of Salalah, the coastal route and the Empty Quarter combined.  

The Dhofar region of Oman is dramatic and completely different to the top end of Oman, with this tour being designed to showcase just how different!

The ‘Rub Al Khail’ or Empty Quarter alone is one of the largest expanses of sand desert in the world with some dunes reaching 200+ meters in height. 

Few tourists will ever see what is on offer in this part of Oman - so don't forget the Go Pro! 

More information: Salalah + The Empty Quarter

Tour Calendar

We have endeavoured to create tours that show you the genuine Oman, the Oman that few other tourists rarely get to experience. We hope you enjoy it as much as what we do!