Our Bikes


So you’re considering joining one of our tours in Oman or perhaps even hiring a motorcycle from us and would like to know a little more about our bikes?

Firstly, our fleet is predominantly made up of KTM 990 Adventures. We have found these to be a very good, capable bike when it comes to Oman and the terrain we can cover during the course of our tours. They are tried and proven, with the LC8 engine being tough and reliable.  

We ensure these bikes are maintained and serviced to a high standard so as to ensure reliability, with safety and rider enjoyment being our priority. After all, what’s the point in travelling all the way to the Arabian Peninsula and not have a bike that will get you to where you want go!

Notwithstanding, and in the interest of keeping our fleet of bikes young, viable and appealing to our customers, we will be starting at the end of 2016, trialling prospective replacements for our KTM 990’s.

So if you’re on one of tours you may well find yourself with an option of trialling a BMW 800 GS or perhaps the new Africa Twin from Honda. We would love to hear from you which one you think would make for a suitable replacement for our 990 Adventure’s! 

It will be a hard choice as the KTM’s have served as well...

As at the time of the writing, our highest time bike has completed 54,000 km and our lowest kilometre bike having done 2700 km. Our median at present would be ~ 22,000 km. If you find yourself on a bike that has travelled in excess of 40,000 km you automatically get a 10% rebate on each and every day that you are allocated to the bike, and that’s not to say they are any less reliable! Our most reliable bike has ticked over 54,000 km and is as strong as ever.     

The standard seat height on the KTM 990 Adventure is 860 mm / 33.8 in and the dry weight appx. 209 kg / 460.7 lbs. We do have lower cut seats available as well as taller touring screens, tank bags, soft tail bags and panniers. All our KTM’s come fitted with Australian made Pivot Pegz and most are fitted with MSC Ralle Moto steering dampers. Some even have Safari Tanks fitted for longer desert expeditions, such as when we enter into the Empty Quarter, where a 600 km range is necessary. 

We work on the basis of you damage the bike, you fix it. Although we accept ‘fair wear & tear’ we fully expect riders to respect their bike and to take responsibility for their actions. Any replacement parts required due to negligence or ‘tom foolery’ will be quoted as per KTM World list prices. 

If it is evident a motorcycle has been abused, the rider will be asked to leave the tour and transport will be arranged for them back to their respective tour start point, that being either Dubai or Muscat. 

A full brief on the operation of the bike will be given to tour participants before hire or tour commencement, with the first day of each tour being classed as a ‘Familiarization Day’ to allow riders to become accustomed to their respective bikes and their handling characteristics. 

Any questions? Send us an email to hello@turkanamotorcycleadventures.com