Useful links & information

Want to know more about Oman and how it is to go on a motorcycle adventure tour? You will find many useful links in this section....

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Our Bikes

So you’re considering joining one of our tours in Oman or perhaps even hiring a motorcycle from us and would like to know a little more about our bikes? Click here ...

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Road Conditions

The riding conditions in Oman vary from being excellent multi-lane asphalt highways, hard pack dirt & gravel to rocky mountain trails, beach riding & desert sands...

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So what do I need to bring along?

The riding season in Oman lasts approximately 5 months from early November to late March, with this period typically winter & outside of this period it just gets too ...

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Cultural Considerations

Oman has managed to retain a very strong cultural identity over the centuries and they have to this day placed great significance on this, with the people of Oman being s...

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So you’re considering booking a tour or hiring a motorcycle to see Oman, but you’re wondering just what is on offer with regards to food and where we’ll...

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